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I watched Mondo Trasho (1969) dir. John Waters and Titane (2021) dir. Julia Ducournau these past two weeks. I have been in a bit of a slump lately, March has been busy. I have also been watching Dungeon Meshi with my friend :-). I like them all, even though Mondo Trasho is not that good, I can never not enjoy a John Waters flick.

Updated: 30-3-2024


I am rereading Something that May Shock and Discredit You by Daniel M. Lavery. I purchased the book years ago and never finished it, so I decided to restart it now that I'm reading again. A lot of what Lavery writes about really resonates with me, and it is funny at times. Some people might find it funnier than I do, but I'm not good with humor in real life let alone through text.

Updated: 30-3-2024


Finally listened to the entirety of Pretty Hate Machine (I know, it took me 19 years of being on this earth to listen to it). I love it. My favorite song probably is Sin. I've been struggling with some things recently and it helps to hear someone say the things I have been feeling. Love u trent.

Updated: 30-3-2024


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Added my review of Naked Lunch (1991) dir. David Cronenberg here a week ago or so. Also started my Crash (1996) shrine. Writing is hard for me though so progress on both of those have been slow. I have done some more collages in the past couple of weeks though :) I never have trouble making them.

Updated: 30-3-2024

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