Hi :). I'm Elias I am a very autistic college student at the moment. Soon I will be a very autistic guy with an associates degree !

I love weird movies weird music weird books weird everything. Music is a lifelong passion of mine and I hope I can do that as a career. In the meantime I spend most of my time at home, where I do whatever.

I made this page to explore the world of HTML and CSS. Unfortunately I get distracted easily and I can go months at a time without updating this site. I love all things technology (especially older tech), cats, fashion, and history. Currently I am working on a zine project called "Songs About Car Crashes," as well as soft-modding an iPhone 7 I found at a second-hand tech store. I don't like waste, especially e-waste.

I am a bit of a communist. I need to get on reading more theory because I do not know where I fall on the political spectrum other than "leftist." To me action is everything.

Contact me at expldingheadmovie@gmail.com! Be nice :)