I've decided I don't really want to link back to any websites. I can do anything I want here, so why not just have everything here as well?


I recently re-watched Crash (1996) dir. David Cronenberg, since my Criterion copy arrived earlier this week. I'll write more about it soon enough but man, I wish I was the one who made this film. Plus I've got a big crush on James Spader. I need to back to watch the commentary and the supplements.

Updated: 7-3-2024


Recently finished Crash by J.G. Ballard. It's why I decided to purchase and rewatch Crash (1996), actually. I think I'll read some poetry (I have a copy of Lunch Poems by Frank O'Hara and Roman Poems by Pier Paolo Pasolini that need to be read), or maybe I'll read Fight Club next. Who knows.

Updated: 7-3-2024


My Last.fm has been dry lately. I got my hands on an Hi-fi player with expandable storage. I've just been listening to whatever I have on there. Only downside is that I can't seem to remember what I listen to at all. I've been listening to a lot of industrial music recently.

It's nice to disconnect at least for a little bit. I can't fully go on a no-phone week or whatever due to my responsibilities. I like being alone, just me and my tunes :)

Updated: 7-3-2024


see also: my art

Other than visual art and the very occasional song, I write sometimes. Usually I just put all my thoughts on my tumblr blog but I think I will put some here as well. I have a really gross piece of erotica I wrote that I would like to share, a "lost" scene between James Ballard and Vaughan from Crash

Updated: 7-3-2024