I've decided I don't really want to link back to any websites. I can do anything I want here, so why not just have everything here as well?


I just watched Drive (2011) with my friend Archie. It's their favorite movie, and it had a great time re-watching it with me. I really liked it, my favorite scene was the one on the beach. I don't really have much else to say. When I like something it's hard for me to talk about it, all the thoughts just dissolve into feelings, very abstract ones at that. It is easier for me to talk at length about things I am critical of.

Updated: 14-3-2024


No updates at this time. Might buy Whipping Girl by Julia Serano.

Updated: 14-3-2024


Re-listened to Duran Duran's Rio the other night. I have been on such a nostaligia binge lately. Its one of my favorite albums with one of my favorite songs; that being The Chauffeur.

Updated: 14-3-2024


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Writings page has been updated and something has finally been added (Yay!). I'm thinking of adding my review of David Cronenberg's adaptation of Naked Lunch. Made a new collage and added that to the collages page as well :).

I made a cake for my Dad's birthday. It was delicious and the whole pan has been eaten already. It makes me very happy that people enjoy what I make.

Updated: 14-3-2024

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